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Direct Cellars Wine Club allows you to discover top-tier wine from the comfort of your own home, and at a fraction of the cost. And best of all, you get paid to do it and work from home!

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Our wines are sourced from the finest wineries across the US, and throughout the world. Our select vinyards are vast and include France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Germany just to name a few.

Impress your future clients! Our wines are a great networking tool to Host Wine Parties and Tastings! And even better, all the shipping is free!

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Discounts + No Shipping

Since Direct Cellars is a Customer First company, you’ll never pay shipping! What’s more, you’ll find yourself paying Wholesale Prices for Premium Wine!

Get Paid Cash and Free Wine!

Not only will you have a chance to get your monthly wine shipment 100% free, you can get paid to host wine tastings! If anyone at your party joins our club, you get cash, simple as that. And you get to work from home.

Socialize Without Social Media

If you find yourself constantly plugged in to social media, turn your social circle into your next wine tasting! If you’re tired of always being logged in, unplug and host your next wine party with us!

Put The Social Back In Social Media With Direct Cellars Wine Club


Direct Cellars the nationwide wine club, is putting the social back into the lives of thousands of people across America. Featuring great small batch wines from wineries around the globe. Delivered to your door.



It’s exciting enough to get VIP access to wholesale prices on top-notch wine; combine that with generous referral bonuses and commissions and you can turn your passion for wine into a full-time income! Watch the video below to see how simple it is to make your wine work for you so you can work from home!


“So far so good: artisan wine from all over the World as promised – some more obscure than others (which is FANTASTIC for a wine tasting club)! We get free shipping and we get paid very well to share our wine…”


Lynda Alfe-Lichti

I had praying for an opportunity like this. I am so glad I joined as a founder. I got a personal call the next day to welcome me. The wine is divine. The opportunity is epic. What a great decision to be apart of something so wonderful.


Candee Lynn

So excited to be given the opportunity to join this company as a Founding member! I have been searching for a side business for many years and I’m so glad I have waited until now. I just couldn’t pass up this opportunity!



Not only great wines, but great culture. Fun wine tasting parties. I earned free wine my first month and have never paid for my monthly order since!

Thanks Direct Cellars!


Matt Morrow

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How are the selections picked that you send me?

A. We have experienced and trained wine experts personally taste-testing each of our wines before hand picking the best monthly selections for you. 

Q. Where do your wines come from?

A. They are sourced from the finest wineries across the US, and throughout the world, including France, Italy, Argentina, Chile, Australia, South Africa, Spain, Germany just to name a few. 

Q. How do you get such good deals on wine?

A. We’ve developed close relationships with wineries and distributors worldwide through our fulfillment allowing us to negotiate on your behalf, passing that savings on to our members.

Q. Can I change my Wine Preferences as I learn more about what I like and what I don’t like?

A. We are a wine tasting club, allowing you this unique opportunity to learn, taste and experience wines from all over the world. What you can do is request all Red or all White or a blend of both and can make those changes right in your back office. 

Q. What is the proper way to serve wine to my guests at a wine party?

A. Tulip shaped glasses or glasses that curve in allows for the best enjoyment when tasting wines. Reds at room temperature and Whites chilled to keep the vibrancy of the experience rich. 

The Perfect Company for Wine Lovers and Entrepreneurs alike.

Enjoy premium hand picked wines, delivered directly to your door, at a fraction of the retail cost.

And best of all, earn an income with doing something you love.


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